Top Auditoriums

Top Auditoriums In Taliparamba

Top Auditoriums In Taliparamba

Choosing the right Auditorium for your dream wedding is not an easy task. You need a detailed knowledge about the auditoriums in your locality. In this article, We Covered important Details of the top auditoriums in Taliparampa.

Some of the Most advanced and the best auditoriums in Kannur district are located at taliparamba.
We choose Top 6 Auditoriums in Taliparamba and listed the main benefits and features in this article.
If you or Your friends are planning to do a marriage in taliparamba,this article helps you to decide the right auditorium.

1.Hajmus Auditorium


Location: It is located close to taliparamba town on National highway side.( 1 km from Town)

  • Seating                        :  1000
  • Car Parking                :  650
  • Dining Capacity        :  750
  • A/c                               : Fully Air Conditioned
  • Sound System            : 5000 Watt Sound
  • Seat Type                    : Cushion-Push Back
  • Other Facilities          : Lift Service Available, Two-floor building

Two Specialties that worth to mention
-->Outdoor Setting can done separately. It will have Approx 2000 seating capacity)
-->Cooking Utensils & Cutlery will be provided if needed. This will be helpful if you are arranging a Cook rather than a catering company for your wedding.

Contact Details :079025 79025

Auditorium Seating

2.Luxotica International Conventional Centre

Location: Located 5 km from taliparamba town,luxotica is a modern and one of the biggest auditoriums in located near to National Highway.

Seating                        : 1500
Car Parking                : 500
Dining Capacity         : 750
A/c                                : Fully Air Conditioned
Sound System             :35000 Watt Sound
Seat Type                     : Cushion-Push Back
Other Facilities           : Conference room,Mini hall

Other speciality worth to mention
-->Permanent Led wall is available in the auditorium stage(You don't have to arrange it from Outside) Plus Free WiFi
-->Stages are also suitable for DJ parties. Free Wifi also provided.

Contact Details :06235 553 555

Watch the Video of Luxotica featuring  film star Nyla Usha.

Suite Rooms In Luxotica

3.Babil Greens

It is located 3 km from Taliparamba (Towards Alakode Side). It got Most seating capacity in taliparamba.Obviously the biggest auditorium in have all modern amenities and located in a beautiful place.

Seating                 : 2500
Car Parking         : 600
Dining Capacity : 800
A/c                        : Fully Air Conditioned
Sound System     : Not Available.
Seat Type             : Cushion
Other Facilities : 4 Bigger Green rooms

Other specialties worth to mention
--> Outdoor seating capacity in a beautiful garden.(See the image below)

Beautiful, Isn't It?

Watch the tour around Babil Greens Convention center below

Contact Details: 9020471879

4.Dream Palace

It is located 1 Km from Taliparamba Town.

Seating                        : 900
Car Parking                : 100
Dining Capacity         : 200 Non A/c
A/c                                : Fully Air Conditioned Auditorium
Sound System             :5000 Watt Sound
Seat Type                     : Plastic
Other Facilities           : Conference room,Mini hall

For More Details you can check their website -


5.Raj Convention Centre

It is located in Taliparamba Town near National Highway

Seating                       : 1000
Car Parking               : 250
Dining Capacity       : 200
A/c                             :Fully Air Conditioned
Sound System          : 5000 w
Seat Type                  :Cushion Seats

6.Nanma Auditorium

It is located 3 km from Taliparamba town.

Seating                       : 900
Car Parking               : 100
Dining Capacity       : 400
A/c                             :Fully Air Conditioned
Sound System          : Not Available
Seat Type                  :Wooden Seats
Other Facilities        :Conference room,Mini hall

Contact Details :094007 57049

We are going to Update more Auditoriums of taliparamba in this list.(Last Updated on 02/01/2019)

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