Ultimate Checklist for a Kerala Wedding(PDF Inside)

Ultimate Checklist for a Kerala Wedding-RK Wedding Planners

At this Moment it’s safe to say that you have already chosen the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. So congratulations to you, that part is well and truly taken care.

So now it’s time to get down to the real business, the planning of the event itself.

Planning is essential. Planning must be thorough. In the end, you’ll love it when a good plan comes together.

Checklist helps you to execute the wedding smoothly with less or no Chaos.(From my 12+ experience in this field) 🙂
So here we go,

  • Note down all the Auditoriums Contact Numbers with you.Roughly calculate the total number of guests.
  • Decide a convenient date and place for the Wedding.
    (Ensure that the Auditoriums that you prefer is not booked on that date. That's Why I put Contact list of auditoriums as the first step.)

Note - Date should be convenient for both parties Families and Friends.

  • Estimate the full budget for the entire function and allocating the proportionate budget for services like Food, Decoration, Photography...
  • Listing of peoples to be invited (Invitee List)
    Try to find out the Approx No of People to be invited. This number will help you to plan things like food, decoration…(If you’re hosting the wedding then ask opposite side the number of people they invited )
  • If the wedding is followed by a reception, then make an invitee list for that too.

Thumb Rule-
Booking of services you need is to be done at the earliest.
There are going to be other events on the same dates and all the best-reputed service providers are always in good demand and have plenty of bookings and inquiries.
Services like Food and Catering, Mandapam and decorations, Power, Lighting and Entertainment systems, Beautician and Makeup artists, Photography, Transportation and even accommodation at some places have to be booked and locked down as early as possible.

  • Selecting Vendors For Various service.

Thumb Rule-The best method to choosing people for the services is to take a look at their past works. That’s Why Websites and Social Media will helps to select the best.

  • Food & Catering
    Research about the good & budget friendly caterers around you.
    (The best way is to ask your friends and relative circle who had a wedding ceremony in recent times)
  • Finalize the Food Menu.
    (Inform them if you have other functions like haldi,pre-wedding night dinner…)
    (Usually, they charge for Per Plates.)
  • Give the responsibility for the disposal of waste to the Catering Company.
  • Try to Use environment-friendly materials.
  • Selecting Wedding Mandapam(Stage), Lighting & Other Decorations.
    Brainstorm with your closed one on the theme of Mandapam and decoration.

    Golden Temple Mandapam By RK Wedding Planners

  • For Decoration Ideas You can Contact us On our WhatsApp Number 9946606010
  • Hiring Photographers.
    Check Website, Social Media, Or ask your close people for the suggestions.
    Decide The number of days to be covered and functions to be covered. (Pre-Wedding,Post-wedding…)
  • Tell the Exact time to reach the venue for the shoot.
  • You can check our Photography Page - Click Here
  • Be clear about the Number of photographers, Drone availability and expected delivery time of the albums and videos.
  • inform the photographers about any special Rituals to shoot.
  • Booking For cultural events
  • invitation Letter Selection(Before 3-6 Months of the wedding)
    Try both online and offline service for invitation cards.
  • Make a note of things to be included in the letter.
  • Double check this with others before printing.
  • Booking of a beautician/Make-Up Artist
    Visit the social media profiles or ask for suggestions.
    Express how you want to be on your wedding day.(Hairstyle, Saree/lehenga,Kurta...)
  • Fix the correct time to reach on the wedding day.
  • Ask about the Details of facial and other things to do just before the wedding date.
  • Selecting the dress
    Choose a date convenient for both parties for the selection of dress …
  • Estimate the approx amount needed & the number of dresses to be purchased.
    (Remember to Buy new dresses to Kids & Elderly relatives)
  • Buying the Ornaments
    Buy Ornaments from trusted jewelry only.
  • keep it safe .(Please be serious and responsible to keep jewelry in a safe place)
    Some jewellery offers to keep the jewelleries safe until the date you want.use it.
    But It should be in your custody 3 days before the wedding.
  • Giving the stitching materials(saree blouse/churidars/shirt/pant and get it at least 4 weeks before the marriage so that u can alter if any changes needed )
  • The arrangements Of Mandapam & Flowers.
    Talk to Stage or mandapam decorator.
  • Arrange florist for Mandapam decoration and vehicle decoration.
  • Finalizing the Musicians & the music playlist to be played.
  • Booking of hotel rooms for the guests
  • Estimate the approx number of guests & others(Including photographers, Musicians…) who are coming for a long distance.
  • Book Extra 2 Rooms.
  • Booking of Priest/Poojari
  • Checking Various Honeymoon Packages.
  • Keep all document ready for the Honeymoon.
  • The arrangement of Bus, Traveller or taxi for the transportation of the guest.
  • Maintenance of Home.

Painting to be done before 2 weeks, Cleaning surroundings, Repairing non-functional electronic devices, fixing plumbing problems.

  • Taking Appointment with photographers for Save the date photos.
  • Printing Of flex and Paper notice to Use in Vehicles
  • Getting  "save the date" photos for  WhatsApp/Facebbok

Note- As there are going to lots of people coming to your house, Keep the Cash and ornaments in a locker. Keep the key to trusted persons only.

One Week Before the Marriage
  • Keep ready the Payments to the vendors.
  • Get a Facial service from trusted beauticians.
  • Re-confirm the arrival time with vendors like caterers,Beauticians,Photographers...
  • Delegate small wedding day tasks. such as picking your relatives from railway or bus station.
  • Fix a date to Visit Temple/Church/Mosque.
  • Arrange a electric generator on home along with lighting system.
  • Check the generator status in Auditorium.
The Wedding Day
  • Eat Good Breakfast & allow yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  • Ensure Air-cooler/Fan pointing to Mandapam.
  • Have Fun  🙂
After Wedding
  • Register your marriage & Get your marriage certificate. if you don't know the procedures you can check on this link.Click here to know the procedures
  • Pay the final amounts to the vendors.
  • Follow up with photographers for selecting the right photos.

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